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Technical Advantages

Arterran Renewables / Cleantech / Technical Advantages

Unique Technical Advantages

The Arterran Thermo-Catalytic Conversion (TCC) process was developed by the founder of the company over a ten-year period of intensive R&D.

The TCC technology converts lignocellulosic biomass and uses lower temperature and lower pressure in an industry-standard reactor vessel to homogenize the biomass after which the slurry is mechanically separated.  The solid portion is then densified into a pellet fuel.  The resulting Arterran Fuel is then converted to a water-resistant and transportable fuel with an energy density range suited to replace bituminous or anthracite coal.

The key to the manufacture of a water-repellent pellet is a process that forces the biomass to shed as much water as is economically possible.   Arterran’s proprietary cleantech production process provides an efficient and inexpensive modular manufacturing system for the conversion of residual biomass into an energy-dense, hydrophobic solid biofuel specifically designed to renewably replace thermal coal.

Arterran’s next-generation renewable fuel empowers thermal generators with the ability to expedite thermal coal’s displacement, from 1 to 100%, without the need to incur cost prohibitive power.

Process Advantages

A lower temperature, lower pressure process equates to lower cost to build and lower cost to operate each plant.

Ability to process a broad range of mixed biomass feedstocks which lowers the cost to source residual sawmills, pulp mills, and in-forest tops and limbs.

Each plant is built in prefabricated modules which ensures process stability and ease of shipping to individual sites and commissioning.

This approach lowers turnkey construction costs and time to commercial production.

  • The modular design approach lowers ongoing maintenance costs, reduces labor overheads.
  • Each production site can be incrementally expanded in the future by adding one or more 75,000T/year modules.

Additional Advantages

  • Life cycle of carbon emissions > 80% compared to coal.
  • 41% higher energy content fuel (24.0 Gj/mT) than standard wood pellet fuels.
  • 20%+ lower transport/storage than white pellet fuel.
  • Minimal power station modification expense to receive, store, grind and inject Arterran’s solid pellet fuel.