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Truly a NextGEN Renewable Solid Biofuel

If you could make a replacement for coal out of one of the most plentiful substances on Earth for about the same cost of coal that would be a big deal right? That’s What We Do! 


Arterran Advanced Fuel is a “Drop In” replacement for thermal coal! Drop In means similar energy content, size, weight, grindability, weather resistance and chemical stability when compared to coal.


Our process for the production of energy is a simple one, it begins with the most common substance on the planet, cellulose, and our technology to make a renewable solid fuel that is a replacement for a fossil fuels.


The result is a sustainable solid fuel that has an increased energy density, better handling characteristics, reduced operating costs and generating better margins to name a few of the benefits.


Independent Testing by Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, GWIL Industries and SGS verified a significant increase in the energy density.


The Arterran Advanced Fuel we created is just more energy dense, providing ALL the beneficial characteristics of thermal coal, without the pollution or CO2 emissions of coal.


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